Test bench for safety valves

  Test bench for safety valves DN 50...600mm

⇔  Manufacturer: Revalve.

⇔  Origin: Russia




-  Test benches are designed for hydraulic and pneumatic testing of spring loaded, pilot-operated, and other types of PSVs with DN 15...400 mm (1/2...16''), breather (pressure vacuum relief) valves DN 50...500 mm (2...20'') according to the following standards
Set pressure test according to API 526
 Seat tightness test according to API 527.
-  Breather (pressure vacuum relief) valves API RP 2000

  Tested items

 Spring loaded PSVs.
Pilot-operated PSVs

-  Breather (pressure vacuum relief) valves.
-  Advanced test system design, provides correspondence of the PSV test process to requirements of the following standards: API RP 576, ISO 4126-1, ASME BPVC Section VIII, ASME PTC 25.

  Tested unit connection type

-  DN 50...500 mm (2...20") flanged breather valves.
-  DN 15...400 mm (1/2...16") flanged PSVs.
-  DN 10...50 mm (1/4...2'') threaded PSVs

-  Clamping system design based on integrated high performance hydraulic cylinder, stainless steel base that serves as storage tank for hydraulic test medium. Clamping of valve need to be tested, provided by test table actuated by hydraulic cylinder and three synchronized claws thats centering and fastening of inlet PSV flange.
-  Increased inner diameter of test system tubing and high pressure hoses provides dynamic spool lifting during set pressure test, as well as smooth and accurate reseating, same time serves to avoid the seats surface damages while closing. 
-  Use of special Nickel and Chrome coatings and stainless steel elements of clamping unit water wetted surfaces provides stable operation in hard environmental conditions with high level of humidity.
-  «Pockets» for set of sealing adapters storing
-  Built-in stainless steel test fluid storage tank
-  Adapters for PSV inlet flange face sealing for valves with DN 15...400 mm (1/2... 12'') of the following types: FF, SG, RF, LM, LG, RTJ as per ASME B 16.5
-  Plugs for PSV outlet flange face sealing with fittings for quick connection of drop/bubble counter tubing
-  Set of adapters with standard RTJ gasket for inlet flange sealing, designed accord-ing to ASME B 16.5.
-  Sealing adapters for thread-type PSV sealing DN 15...50 mm (1/2...2'').
-  Safety fence for provision of operators safety in accordance with HSE requirements available in several editions.
-  Portable muffler provides noise level reduction at PSVs outlet during pop testing.
-  Portable muffler provides noise level reduction at PSVs outlet during pop testing.

S-1-400/60 3claws
  Maximum clamping force (t)
  Tested valve sizes, mm. (mm)
  Min./max. diameter of the clamped flange, mm (″)
  Overall dimensions (LхWхH), (mm)
1175х1315х970 (46x51x38)
  Weight (kg)