Lathes for accessories.

⇔  Manufacturer: ZMM.

⇔  Origin: Bulgari

We offer a wide range of equipment and accessories which are necessary for the regular operation of the machines. We can provide: all kind of chucks (3-jaw self-centered, 4-jaw independent, face plates without jaws, drill chucks; different sized steady rests with flat or rolling quills, follow rests; all kind of quick- change tool holders; taper turning attachment; 1-position longitudinal stops, thread chasing dials; lathe dog plates and lathe dogs; tailstock adapter sleeves, and others.
We produce our own equipment and furnish our machines with parts and components of the highest quality, as well as accessories from suppliers that are well-known around the world, like BISON for example. We can advise you according to the certain case, and recommend you the most suitable parts for the machine that you have chosen.